I dont think, in this case, that it should be televised. T rump would want that; he's so performative. I want justice. Record it for history, as proof, for when they try to re-write history, but don't let him make a Bravo tv mockery of justice. We've had enough of his 💩
RobPalmerIRL (he/him/his) @RobPalmerIRL
I know a lot of y'all want cameras in the federal courts. The thing is, up until now it was disallowed. Even if cameras were allowed it's up to the judges to set rules. Also if what I'm hearing is correct, the Judge in DC may well allow a camera in the courts at least for arraignment.
12:49 AM - Aug 02, 2023
01:18 AM - Aug 02, 2023
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ML Hart
Agree to no televising -- then it becomes too much of a circus.
And as someone who worked in law for nearly 15 years, I'll just say that trials don't go along as fast or as dramatically as Perry Mason, Law & Order, or Judge Judy.
In response to MsFahrenheit.
02:58 AM - Aug 02, 2023


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