Because folks like our President and our former Speaker of the House have done an EXCEPTIONAL job attending to our needs! Folks like John Lewis and others a fungus or less experienced person couldn’t hold a candle to!

And because the vast majority of voters said they get to do!
Jimmy Rickster @whiskeychaser
Certainly address them. Not buying the term limits are bad argument though. You mention being beholden. You have 80 year old congress members. What future are they beholden to. Why do they get to decide climate laws? a sentient fungus in the right party could win some of these elections.
10:14 PM - Aug 02, 2023
10:59 PM - Aug 02, 2023
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just alex
In response to Michael.
The elder congress members saved us from the brink.

Instead of complaints, why aren’t people more grateful they were present to share their congressional wisdom, and to prevent catastrophe?
11:08 PM - Aug 02, 2023