Melanie Johnson-Moxley
This is lovely. Bill Bixby talks about imagination, reality v make-believe, and feeling anger in a way that kids could understand.
Gino Gangai @GinoGangai
Hopped on a thread yesterday with @FruitFacedFruitKace about the Apple Dumpling Gang which made me share my enjoyment of Bill Bixby. That led me to recall the time Mr. Rogers visited Bill and Lou Ferrigno on the set of The Incredible Hulk. Possibly my fav episode of Mr. Rogers as a kid! Enjoy!
Mr Rogers visits the set of the Incredible Hulk - YouTube

#mrrogers #louferrigno #theincrediblehulkMr. Rogers (RIP) visits the set of the popular show The Incredible Hulk.Mr. Rogers is given a tour by Bill Bixby (RI...

02:43 PM - Sep 19, 2023
02:57 PM - Sep 19, 2023