Karen Ogle
The conservatives I know are nowhere near public offices. The majority have no clue that the GOP is no longer their grandparents party. Whatever. You do your thing however you want. If it annoys you to see me then block. Life’s too short for this.
shadeygreyskies @shadeygreyskies
Jesus spent an inordinate amount of time disparaging hypocrites and phonies who put their public piety above the welfare of their fellow humans.

On that note, those yucky "policies" (which you insist you are not discussing) supported by your conservative friends are KILLING PEOPLE.
01:47 PM - Sep 21, 2023
01:53 PM - Sep 21, 2023
It doesn't matter if they aren't IN politics if they still vote for the abusers who ARE.

And you are abjectly refusing to even consider why that hurts people because ___.

If your faith supports you openly, actively defending folks who are openly, actively voting to harm other humans, dig deeper.
In response to Karen Ogle.
01:58 PM - Sep 21, 2023