Mary Frank
A mere $5,000 is insulting to the average American Citizen. #TraitorTrump brags about being a Billioniare 10X over. Well, why not start of the fin at $1M and double that amount after every disregard to what the Judge has ordered the Fraudster. And the $$ are not refundable. This will Learn him bigly
Jay Carpenter🎸🎶 @JayCarp
And once again a monetary fine that means nothing NOTHING
His ass needs to sit in a jail cell for these sanctions to have any affect at all.
Anything less than jail time is useless!!!!😡😡😡
06:25 PM - Oct 20, 2023
06:55 PM - Oct 20, 2023
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Jay Carpenter🎸🎶
In response to Mary Frank.
It's worse than insulting because the $ means very little to him. Remember it is not his $ his legal bills are being paid by the Repug Ntl'l Committee
07:06 PM - Oct 20, 2023