Imdad Communications LLC
This is very concerning. Is the American congress being led by radicalized Christians?
Where is the separation of church from state?

Religion is and should be a personal thing expressed among family and friends, not the floor of the American Congress or any business for that matter. IMO.
Barbara Reid @BjReid
House GOP members are praying on the House floor. Would faiths other than Christianity be allowed the same privilege? What would happen if they tried? This is Christian Dominionism. The new Speaker says that he believes God ordained him and other leaders.
📷David Cay Johnston
11:33 PM - Oct 25, 2023
04:00 AM - Oct 26, 2023
Ray King
In response to Imdad Communications LLC.
These right wing religious radicals do not believe in separation of church and state. They believe their church should control the state. So, they write laws according to their religion and force people to live by them.
04:15 AM - Oct 26, 2023