IveyJanette McClelland
They want us seniors to go back to work at $7.25 an hour.

They want the poor to go to the ER for medical care instead of primary care doctors.

They want the poor to line up at the local soup kitchen or homeless shelter for some cold ass oatmeal and a mystery meat sandwich.
MeidasTouch Network @MeidasTouch
Unreal. The GOP just revealed their new plan to target the working class.

They want to hold the economy hostage and demand:
- $2T in cuts to Medicaid
- $600B in cuts to the ACA
- $400B in cuts to food stamps
- Halving head start programs

They are calling these services 'woke.'
05:22 PM - Feb 28, 2023
07:34 PM - Oct 26, 2023
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William Turner
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07:39 PM - Oct 26, 2023