BLS Is tired of the BS
I'm at the point where I mute the doom and gloomers. Ain't got time for the mealy mouth bullshit.

Just vote!
KansasCity FruitKace @FruitFacedFruitKace
y’all .. we gotta stop the doom and gloom. It’s not helping. When we fight .. we win. Fight. Go back and brush up on all the positive changes since Biden/Harris came into office. There’s TONS. Let the trump & co investigations work themselves out. They will & it will be glorious. But that shit takes
09:29 AM - Nov 21, 2023
02:13 PM - Nov 21, 2023 (Edited)
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Deepstate Watchtar
In response to BLS Is tired of the BS.
And the war porners, yes we all know the horrors of war, Orcs gonna orc, your 5,000 propaganda posts of dead people are not helping.
02:19 PM - Nov 21, 2023