Anthony Lee
Whether it is Spoutible or any other kind of social context, one needs to maintain basic human respect as the first step in being a part of that community. Otherwise, it is a costly shot to one's own foot, resulting in greater isolation and being shut out of wonderful life opportunities.
Christopher Bouzy @cbouzy
I sincerely don't understand why some people come here to insult this community and then ask to be convinced why they should be part of this community. As if this community is going to beg someone to stay.
10:05 AM - Nov 25, 2023
10:28 AM - Nov 25, 2023
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Kathleen Kern
In response to Anthony Lee.
Maybe there needs to be a platform that provides therapy for people whose brains Twitter et al have fried. Or at least a platform that teaches courtesy and ethics.
10:11 AM - Nov 26, 2023