Anthony Lee

When I joined Spoutible, I knew I wanted to share #music I like. I started my series of Music Appeciation spouts with the #SpoutibleMusic hashtag. Then I discovered #SpoutingClassics and its daily hashtagged themes. Now I put all of those hashtags in my Music Appreciation spouts. 🙂
Spoutories - Stories in One Spout! @Spoutories
Today’s #Spoutories prompt is #music (word or inspiration)

Make a new post including the two hashtags. Write a one-spout story for the prompt.

Keep it clean as per Spoutible rules.

There are no time limits on previous prompts; use or re-use as you like.

Have fun!
08:41 AM - Nov 30, 2023
10:27 AM - Nov 30, 2023
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