Dee Incognito
So true. And the more I see billionaires' wealth increase, the angrier I get. We have more billionaires than any other country in the world. Our government should at least be able to care for our veterans and feed our kids FFS. If there's not enough $$, then raise the taxes on the super wealthy.
BLS Is tired of the BS @Woke_Wokity_Woke
It's shameful that in America, Veterans Organizations, Feed the Children and Children Health Organizations have to beg for donations on TV.
02:59 PM - Nov 30, 2023
03:03 PM - Nov 30, 2023
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Carol W
In response Dee Incognito to their Spout
It’s because the rich want to get richer so they bribe the lawmakers to keep themselves tax-free. Also, the stupid who don’t realize that the party they vote for is the wolf that will eat them. Seriously, when did America get so stupid?
09:45 PM - Dec 01, 2023