Bruno and Augie’s Dad
50% of car trips every day are going 3 miles or less (less than a 15 minute bike ride), 66% of car trips every day are going 5 miles or less (less than a 30 minute bike ride).
Bruno and Augie’s Dad @SteveOD
I will never understand the lack of support for cycling infrastructure. If you like to ride your bike, it’s a no-brainer. But if you hate riding your bike, it’s also a no-brainer, because the more people on bikes in their own lane, the fewer cars in front of you while you’re driving.
10:28 AM - Dec 02, 2023
10:45 AM - Dec 02, 2023
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In response to Bruno and Augie’s Dad.
We live in a rural area about 5 miles from town. I rode my bike into town a couple of times a week until an industrial park was built along my route. There are so many trucks on the two lane road now that it isn’t safe to do anymore. I would love bike lanes.
10:48 AM - Dec 02, 2023
Carson Gibbs
In response to Deb.
That makes perfect sense. The reason you don't see more people on bicycles is because they don't have a bike lane and are terrified of being hit by a car

I added an article here with a study on that if you're interested
04:31 PM - Dec 05, 2023