Jessica (she/her)
The other day, I asked a friend, “Are you mansplaining misogyny to me?”

He froze, thought about it a moment, and said, “Yes I am!”

We had a laugh over it, because we trust each other to do better when we mess up, rather than doubling down on why the other is wrong about their own lived experience.
KansasCity FruitKace @FruitFacedFruitKace
People who aren’t Black don’t get to tell Black people what anti-Black racism is. People who aren’t LGBTQ+ don’t get to tell LGBTQ + people what anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry is. People who aren’t Indigenous don’t get to tell Indigenous people what is anti-Indigenous bigotry. Men don’t get to tell women what
11:15 AM - Dec 04, 2023
01:29 PM - Dec 04, 2023
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