Susan A. Kitchens
Today in the Pasadena, CA area, we have the earliest sunsets of the year.

Weather app say today has 10 hours of daylight.

This 2023 newbie #Gardening hobby inspires me to be a closer observer of my surroundings. I notice the shade on wildflower bed (hope it’s sunny enough by Feb-Mar for blooms!)
Susan A. Kitchens @susan
Just put 4 (four!) cranberry orange loaves in oven to bake (w fresh squeezed orange juice).
Sitting down for a bit, thinking about taking a walk. But it’s so late at 4:10 pm!

Yep. We’re in earliest sunset days:
“The earliest sunset is on December 4 or December 5” for Pasadena, CA (see page btm)
07:18 PM - Dec 03, 2023
04:19 PM - Dec 04, 2023