Sheilah Hayden
I've always loved this quote:
"Remember, your parents gave you life – but it is a gift, and the giver does not have the right to decide how you use the gift they gave you. It is yours to use in the right way for you."
Myles Higgins @Myles_Away
Everything about this jackass is fucked up, including this garbage, which is wrong all over the place, including the last part.

Your children don't owe you anything. You chose to have them. They didn't choose to be born. Don't be a Musk. Don't expect your kids to do anything but live a happy life.
03:01 AM - Dec 06, 2023
09:14 AM - Dec 06, 2023
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Adele Not the singer
Does it explain why he has 11 children? Sorry Elon - it doesn’t matter if you have a hundred children
They don’t have to take care of you when you’re old.
You would need to teach them to care about others (setting them an example)
Good luck
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09:39 AM - Dec 06, 2023