Isa-Lee Wolf
I have never felt this safe on the internet.



I don't expect the site to insulate me from all things troubling, but I have expressed many thoughts on A LOT of topics and I've had almost no troll responses.

And the ones I have were handled by the site.

What more is there to ask?
Christopher Bouzy @cbouzy
We were going to put the following question into the survey, but I felt it would be better if we could read your individual responses. Does Spoutible make you feel safe, and if so, why? If not, please explain why not and what we can do to make you feel safer.
06:54 AM - Mar 23, 2023
12:48 PM - Dec 05, 2023
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Kathleen Kern
Yes. Because of my human rights work, I have opinions that don't fit the dominant narrative. But I've only had one person go Twitter-level nasty about it. My anxiety level on Spoutible is mostly where I want it to be.
In response to Isa-Lee Wolf.
12:10 PM - Dec 06, 2023


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