Just Judith'n'ALF #VotedYes
She is playing the long game ... she is strategic ... and she did NOT vote for the #JohnLewis Voting Act.
That alone says all you need to know.
Jason Ginsburg @Ginsburg
She did more than one thing.

She voted for the second impeachment.

She was vice chair of the J6 Committee.

She wrote a book about the threat Trump poses.

And she has spoken out time and again about Trump's failings.

She is ON OUR SIDE when it comes to Trump. Why would we want to silence her?
06:25 PM - Dec 07, 2023
09:51 PM - Dec 07, 2023
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Lauraine Knight
In response to Just Judith'n'ALF #VotedYes.
I respectfully disagree, Cheney obviously voted along party lines she is a Republican , a conservative , I agree with Jason that Cheney as a Republican speaking out against Trump is a good thing, I’m sure that not all Republicans want Trump leading their party. It’s like Turnbull dissing Morrison.
12:33 AM - Dec 08, 2023


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