Michael Taormina
I've been here since the beginning. For months I was just a lurker like I was on the dead bird, waiting for content to come to me. I finally got more involved last month.

I realized that participating in the community is the best way to build the community you want to be a part of..
Timara (she/her) @timara
We're less than a month away from Spoutible's first birthday. If you've been here since the beginning, how have you grown?

Spoutible isn't just here to build community.

I've learned more and laughed more. How about you?
07:46 PM - Jan 06, 2024
10:09 PM - Jan 07, 2024
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Nancy C
In response to Michael Taormina.
Time & time again I’ve been so impressed by folks here - their creativity, integrity, kindness.😘🥰
01:34 AM - Jan 08, 2024


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