Professor Kyle
If I do postpone it would be for a good reason – Chevy is sending someone today to hook up a fast (level 2) charger for our Bolt. Supposed to come this morning, but we'll see... We'll have to pay for the charger ($585), but the installation is free!
Professor Kyle @blackcatprose
Morning! I have a writing workshop pod scheduled for 3pm Eastern this afternoon. There's a chance I'll have to postpone; once I know for sure, I'll let you know and share some details 😃.
08:34 AM - Feb 12, 2024
08:46 AM - Feb 12, 2024
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Janet aka April
In response to Professor Kyle.
Monday is the only day I am not home. I was so disappointed. I hope you will consider another day. Just being selfish here. I think it will be a fantastic pod.
09:07 AM - Feb 12, 2024