the beauty & fairy tale of kids
their compelling nature to swim through adversity
to process their pain with their own wand & the wands of each other
their forest can be a twisted twine of intricate vines
they furrow through with success
their matrix of eminence is an adhesive to their excellence
Miss Lil' Bit Angie @Neurofabulous11
With it being #WorldAutismAcceptanceDay #WAAD I wanted to portray our world's children in a happy light. 17 years since my youngest was diagnosed and I would like to create different imagery. I did my best to represent as many people as I could. So please be kind. 🤗💜♾️ #AIArt #JustForFun
10:35 AM - Apr 02, 2024
11:11 AM - Apr 02, 2024
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