Professor Kyle
Yeah, to me it seems like the journalists & pundits who proclaim "Biden's losing" based on polls alone are the ones engaging in wishful thinking. It's like all the evidence of Dem win after win – and of the R skew of polls in the last several years – doesn't exist for them.
Penelope Lowder @Pegleg
Recently, I read an article that stated, Democrats who don’t believe polls are engaging in wishful thinking. I thought to myself, that could be said for many polls.
11:45 AM - Apr 07, 2024
11:49 AM - Apr 07, 2024
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First rule of polls, follow the money
Second rule of polls, determine demographic
Third rule of polls, check for weighted questions,
Fourth rule of polls, margin of error
Fifth rule of polls, file under G for garbage

You are welcome to skip one thru four most of the time.
In response to Professor Kyle.
11:59 AM - Apr 07, 2024
Susan L
In response to Drea.
I mean, has no one ever answered a poll or read a polling question? All you have to do is listen to how the questions are worded to know how the results are going to skew. It's not rocket science. The questions are never designed to get an unbiased, honest answer. Why is this still a thing?
01:45 PM - Apr 07, 2024


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