Ves Lee
For those that thing voting is not important, it very important always was always will .
Tristan Snell @tristansnell
BREAKING: SCOTUS effectively makes it illegal to organize a large protest in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi

Supreme Court declined to hear a 5th Circuit case that shredded the 1st Amendment by allowing protest organizers to be sued for anything that happens during the protest
07:36 PM - Apr 15, 2024
07:44 PM - Apr 15, 2024
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Deanna Harkins
In response to Ves Lee.
I agree 100%!
It boggles me that so many people don’t vote!
Every Vote Matters!
Your Vote Matters!
Some politicians are afraid of your Vote & may cause road blocks to make voting difficult or inconvenient with road blocks. Bulldoze through with some Necessary Good Trouble! Your Vote Matters!!!
02:44 PM - Apr 19, 2024


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