Christopher Bouzy
As more people join, this will become less of a problem. I will see if we can do something to limit it. However, we are trying not to mess with the timeline so we don't influence what you see.
Tanya Frantzen @Weematanya
Hi @cbouzy ! I love it here. The beta is improving daily and it is amazing! One thing i would love is if in the timeline when people retweet the same thing it doesn't show up repeatedly. I don't even know how this would work, but right now it is the thing that's bugging me. THANK YOU!!
01:12 PM - Mar 25, 2023
01:32 PM - Mar 25, 2023
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John Colagioia
For what it's worth, I don't think anybody would see it as interference, if all the echoes got consolidated with the most recent. Maybe on hover or click or whatever, show the times that everybody echoed it?
In response to Christopher Bouzy.
03:09 PM - Mar 25, 2023