We should exercise extreme caution related to controlling free speech; although I personally dislike sensationalism, we should be prepared for a wide variety of educational posts that should shock us to the very core of our existence. We cannot & should not burry our heads in the sand!
John Colagioia @jcolag
Modern Social Media Etiquette: I try (futilely?) to head off serious problems
We should stop advertising for the big sites, use content warnings, describe our images, give up on threads, and stop trying to shock people.
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07:16 AM - Mar 26, 2023
07:36 AM - Mar 26, 2023
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John Colagioia
I get into that distinction in the post. Specifically, reporting on violence (for example) needs to happen regardless of shock value. "Here's a meme of Marjorie Taylor Greene making an ugly face" is only there to get a rise out of people, out of habit of catering to big-corporate-site algorithms.
In response to Freepresswithoutborders.
06:22 PM - Mar 26, 2023