KansasCity FruitKace
How bout .. “when the fuck are white people gonna learn to vote in a majority for Democrats so we can fight back with a sizable majority?”
Outrage at the Democratic Party sells .. but NOT NAMING THE FUCKING PROBLEM WHICH IS WHITE PEOPLE .. doesn’t. Sick of this lazy privileged outrage peddling. Jfc
Jeff Tiedrich @jefftiedrich
I wrote a thing: "when the fuck are Democrats going to learn how to fight back" is today's topic, because I'm fucking exasperated and I'll bet you are, too. thanks for reading...
12:24 PM - Apr 20, 2023
02:27 PM - Apr 20, 2023
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John Colagioia
I've learned over the last few years that there's no depths to which the GOP can sink that some (almost exclusively white) liberals won't respond with some variation of "sure, but have I told you about how much I hate Nancy Pelosi?" instead of considering their own lack of engagement.
In response KansasCity FruitKace to their Spout
03:14 PM - Apr 20, 2023