Secret Agent
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"Daniel Perry’s sentence now pushes the case toward a potentially thorny decision for Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has said he wants to issue a swift pardon."
06:02 AM - May 11, 2023
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Victoria Hester
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In response to Secret Agent.
If pardoned, it means your lives don't matter. Abbott does not care about the ramifications of his actions. I think this will incite more people like Perry to commit the same atrocities. They will also not care due to the ability to receive a "get out of jail time" card. Abbott, what about Federal?
06:48 AM - May 11, 2023
Anton Brakhage
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In response to Secret Agent.
Pardoning him is to serve one purpose: to send a message condoning his crime-the murder of a Black Lives Matter protester-and to give the green light to others to commit similar crimes.

It is state-sanctioned terrorism.
06:47 AM - May 11, 2023 (Edited)