Myles Higgins
It's been an unbelievable day at #SpoutingClassics

My lovely Wife, Mrs M, filled in as host for a few hours
We tried an idea from @strawberigrl12 for a #BestTVTheme challenge & it was a smash hit!

And of course the great music!

Just click #SpoutingClassics to enjoy it all. Keep the party going!
Myles Higgins @Myles_Away
With 3,000+ tracks, #SpoutingClassics is the best spot on #Spoutible to find all the music you love.

Sun - #EasyListening
Mon - #TheAmericas
Tue - #Europe
Wed - #Worldwide
Thu - 60’s & 70’s
Fri - 80’s & Up
Sat - #AnythingGoes

Click the #SpoutingClassics hashtag - Join the party, join the fun! 🕊
05:12 AM - Jun 02, 2023
08:22 PM - Jun 03, 2023
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