Doctor Michael
In just four short years he brought the country to the brink of a coup that almost succeeded.

Just. Four. Short. Years.

You know who actually saved us? NANCY FUCKING PELOSI! That’s who. The inexperienced politicians were cowering in locked rooms while she took charge.

Term limits indeed.
Jimmy Rickster @whiskeychaser
I whole heartedly disagree with that statement. If you give enough people enough time they will rig the system so there aren't any more elections. Trump would be doing just that right now if he won. Not that term limits saved us, but people in power long enough to cement the conspiracy enabled it
10:01 PM - Aug 02, 2023
11:03 PM - Aug 02, 2023
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Honorary Doctor of Sass
We need to get rid of Citzens United and dirty money contributions. All donations should be transparent to the public, not secret donors.

This is more important than term limits.

Our experienced legislators have saved our collective asses and are working to improve our country.
In response to Doctor Michael.
11:22 PM - Aug 02, 2023


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